Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Helllooooo! How do you find the picture of mie?
Hehe... I'm using Rimmel London cosmetic!
Have you heard of it?
Have you tried it on?

Hmm~ Its really nice and easy to use!
Of course after putting on make up ladies will definitely feel much more confident!!! :D

So, who do you think its glamorous?
Im gonna describe to you his personality first okie?
To me, glamorous means you can be stylist in ALL WAYS! :)

Haha.. Anyone in your mind yet? :P
I love this artist and I would love to crown him as the most GLAMOROUS PERSON ON EARTH BECAUSE HE IS SO TALENTED!!!

and of course, handsome and cool :)
Alright, Im not going to tell you who first. :P

Sharing with you another GLAM NEWS! 
This GLAM TOUR event is just 3 days away!!!!!
Come along and play dressing games!
Come as your most GLAMOROUS outfit and you might win yourself pressies!!!

Okay, you can also check out their webbie here at www.yuberactive.com




and I always believe in TAKE ACTION, BE REWARDED!
I took my action and participated this blog competition, hoping to win some cool prizes away!

I know there is StarAsia Trend Nation, also Rimmel London! :D
Can't wait can't wait!!! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
One touch from you I'm gone... Still got the rush when I'm alone ♥

Just feel like blogging suddenly..
I'm just gonna talk about random stuff now..
Not gonna update anything to do with my daily thingie.
I actually loads to blog about but I'M JUST TOO LAZY!
Shall find time to blog about all those stuff..

Just a random thought that came into my mind while I was just randomly thinking about all the memories I had.
Sometimes I feel guy are just weird creatures.
They're like chipsmore sometimes.
Now you see it and now you don't.
It's like minute they're all so in love with you and you're like at the top of the world and the next thing you know they just disappear.

Guys always complain that they don't understand us.
And we are the most complicated creature on earth.
But when come to think about it, I find guys the same too.
Yes, some of you may say that guys are just plainly straightforward.
But in my case, I don't see them as straightforward creatures.
They too are complicated as HELL!

Some of 'em love playing the fishing game.
That's what I call it.
It's like they put the yummie bait to lure you into his trap and when you're just about to eat it, they pull their rod back and they yummie bait is gone.
And when you're about to give up finding the bait again, there they go again, putting back the bait.
And foolishly we will just be lured to it again.
It's easy for a girl to say they wanna play the fishing game on a guy.
But doing it just as easy as it seems.

Sometimes it just makes you feel that they are arseholes who don't deserve you and you hate them.
But the feeling is just there and it's hard to resist.

Since last 2 days ago, I'm addicted to this bloody song!
Take over control.
It's just so addictive! 

Anyways, I'm signing off now.
Shall blog some other time.
I have to do an interview with a lady from the animal welfare tomorrow =(
Wish mie luck!

 p/s: Plug it in & turn mie on! =P 

Cheryl ♥

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Being A White Mice!

I've been wanting to update my blog bout so many things but I can't be bothered to.
I'm just too lazy.

Anyways, I'm gonna do some review on some stuff I've been trying out lately.
Being the white mice!

This is the Japanese Curry thingie I bought from 100 yen store.
Thought of buying it and cooking it at home since it seems so yummie in the picture on the box!

It is definitely damn easy to cook it!
As easy as ABC!
I just poured out the thingie from the packet into a bowl and heat it up in the microwave!
There's another way of cooking it..
It's through heating the packet up.
But I have absolutely no idea how that works.
Maybe you could try and then let mie know?

The curry turns out just right!
It actually tastes nice!
The curry taste a lil sweet.
Not like our typical Malaysian curry which is spicy.
 I totally forgot to take the end picture of it cos I was sooo hungry and so I just ate the thing with plain rice.
I only realized that I forgot to snap a pic after my meal =.=

You should try it out!
It's cheap plus easy to cook!
Only RM 5.90 !


I finally tried out Liese !

I bought this Ash Brown color from Sasa.
I went to Watsons & Guardian and it was all sold out!
Damn 'gua cheong' wei!

It cost mie RM 38.

I didn't exactly did it myself actually. 
I asked Billy to help mie out with it since I was going to his salon to wash & blow my hair.

He did exactly like the instruction which is to use it like a shampoo!

Billy drying my hair!

A totally random picture of mie & Sha after my hair is done!

Gotta thank her loadz for temaning mie in the salon!
I know she was damn bored!

Now comes the outcome of my hair!


It's brownish!
I love the color much!
It makes mie look a lot more fresher now compared to my black hair!
Plus the color comes out evenly!

If you're planning to have a brighter color, you should buy a brighter shade of color.
Cos if your hair is black, the color doesn't really show.

Anyways, overall, I'm satisfied with the outcome!


This post was supposed to be up yesterday!
But due to the problem with my internet connection, I can only post it now =.=
Shall continue blogging some other time..
That's all for now!

Cheryl ♥